Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy (ARENA)

Sharing knowledge and establishing professional networks related to energy resources for remote Arctic communities.


ARENA seeks to increase human capacity, promote leadership, and deploy traditional and local knowledge through the creation of a knowledge exchange program emphasizing the development, operation, and management of remote energy networks (microgrids) incorporating renewable resources.


  1. Building on the successful model of ARENA I, host on-site and virtual planning for learning opportunities to provide knowledge, skills and tools that facilitate integrating clean energy technologies in the Arctic region with a view to promote development of community energy solutions
  2. Combine visits to communities and participant knowledge exchanges with presentations and laboratory demonstrations
  3. Connect current and emerging energy professionals with hands-on learning experiences, mentors, and project development leaders from throughout the north

Green energy shift in the Arctic

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10 May 2021

Round two of the Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy kicks off

The Arctic Remote Energy Networks Academy (ARENA) is a unique knowledge sharing program about isolated power systems integration held in partnership with Canada, Gwich’in...
21 Jul 2020
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