Digitalization of the Linguistic and Cultural Heritage of Indigenous Peoples of the Arctic

Preserving and developing Indigenous languages, traditional knowledge and cultures of the Arctic Indigenous peoples including food heritage as a foundation for diversification of local economies and new approaches to adapt to Arctic change.


The Project envisages wide use of modern digital technologies, creation of a GIS map and Arctic Indigenous peoples’ knowledge database on a uniform multilingual portal. The Project will provide access to information, promote better understanding and facilitate adaptation to Arctic changes based on the knowledge and resources of affected communities and peoples.


  1. Form an international team of contributing participants from Arctic States
  2. Study best practices for preservation of the linguistic and cultural heritage of the Arctic Indigenous Peoples
  3. Interview and record native speakers of the Arctic Indigenous languages and custodians of traditional Indigenous cultures
  4. Collect materials from public and private archives on linguistic, cultural, historical and food heritage
  5. Involve Indigenous youth in research work to preserve linguistic and cultural heritage
  6. Present information about the Arctic Indigenous Peoples on the Arctic multilingual Internet portal and create a structured knowledge base for preservation and development of language, culture and traditional way of life
  7. Develop GIS maps of Arctic Indigenous languages in the Arctic
  8. Conduct a seminar on the Arctic Indigenous Peoples intellectual property rights
  9. Conduct a workshop on building an open-source development infrastructure for language technology

Revitalizing Arctic Indigenous languages

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10 May 2021
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